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Welcome to the beginning

Other technology companies fill this space with detailed info-graphics, lengthy spec sheets and reassuringly convincing info-jargon. Prowise work in a different way. Prowise start and end with you, the end user.

You are at the very centre of the Prowise design, build and the business philosophy. This translates into easy operation, optimal comfort and innovative content.

In other words, Prowise works the way you want it to.

  • Right from the beginning
  • One Cable
  • One Button
  • Thousands of free lessons and built in tools
  • Interacts with any device, anytime, anywhere with internet connection.


The Prowise screens come in 5 different sizes - from the modest 42" to the eye-watering 84". You can keep the lights on or the curtains open - there's NO glare. It is scratch-proof, dust proof and looks amazing. Do not worry about fussy cables and connections - the computer is already fully integrated. Just one cable: plug it in and turn it on. 

Energy cost concerns? Prowise Touch Screens use the latest LED technology so it's going to save you money. You will automatically connect wirelessly to the internet. Stick in your USB or insert your DVD if you want... easy!

Get ready for the crystal clear sound and unsurpassed image quality - four times sharper than full HD.

Request a demo to reach out and touch the screen.

  • Each of you can write, draw and move screen objects independently and at the same time.
  • Imagine getting ten children around this screen, working or playing together.
  • No more individuals stuck behind tablets or smart phones. 

It is naturally a collaborative experience - and Prowise help to make sharing even easier...

Book your demo by contacting us today: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Have you had to shove your old ICT from room to room on the wobbly trolley with a dodgy wheel?

Those days are over!

Let us show you the unique lifts with a demo. 

Prowise have four different ones to choose from but all of them share the same high quality finish and unsurpassed safety features. In 120 different colours.

Press the button... go on...

  • to form a table for toddlers
  • to create a presentation screen for colleagues
  • to present a classroom movie
  • to create an interactive lesson for wheelchair users

Now that you've got the hardware, let's take it for a test drive. 

It's fast (it has an Intel Core i5 Processor) and its operating system is future-proof (Windows 8 as standard).

So we are at the point where other Education Technology providers would leave you to it. NOT with Prowise!

What about content?

Prowise Presenter is a FREE online library with thousands of built in tools and free lessons. UK Curriculum Advisors and in-built Content Screening Processes ensure that the material is fun, 'on pulse' and safe.

It is easy to upload and share your own ideas, collaborate with teachers and students all over the world. 

Feel confident that you will get the most out of Prowise by taking part in our On-site Training - become an Accredited Trainer yourself!? 

Explore the Prowise 3D Skeleton or 3D Geography or suggest new content to Prowise.

Prowise Presenter works with the Touch Screen Technology to translate your knowledge into an exciting and effective lesson.

The Prowise takes it to another level...

Prowise offers ready-to-use, high quality, free educational apps with which you can set to work immediately.

Prowise ProConnect App from windows App Store Prowise ProConnect App from Apple app Store Prowise ProConnect App from Google Play Store

The apps are offered in the Prowise Presenter suite on your Prowise tablet.


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