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Think4 Proactive Support

To complement our support services and meet our clients' requirements for comprehensive support cover we have developed a portfolio of proactive support services which clients can pick and choose as appropriate to supplement their support service.

Our portfolio of Proactive Services also includes quarterly system reports, backup monitoring, DR backup service, DR system testing, firewall management service and scheduled onsite System Specialist visits which can be tailored in terms of frequency and scope of work to be covered, which can range from general housekeeping and IT admin tasks to customised requirements.

  • System Monitoring - providing proactive monitoring of key systems usage, performance and utilisation, enabling our Support Specialists to monitor trends, identify potential issues and complete remedial action to ensure the general upkeep and proactive monitoring of key systems. Typical areas to be monitored are CPU, memory, disk space, event logs, updates, anti-virus, network usage, hardware changes, and licenses
  • Backup Monitoring - providing daily checks on your backup routine, ensuring backups complete successfully and ensuring your business is not left unnecessarily exposed to data loss
  • Think4 Support Portal - online access to a secure portal whereby client IT administrators / managers can access, monitor and report on key areas of your IT system such as system performance, utilisation, usage, trend analysis and software and hardware audits
  • DR Backup Service - provides comprehensive cover of your critical business systems in the event of a disaster. Subscribers of this service benefit from scheduled online system snapshots and access to preconfigured loan server hardware, whereby in the event of a disaster Think4 System Specialist's will bring to site a loan virtual server preloaded from the latest snapshot of your systems and data. Minimising down time and maintaining business continuity
  • DR System Testing - scheduled disaster recovery drills to perform system recovery tasks and test business continuity proces
  • Firewall Management - proactive management of firewall devices to ensure latest updates and patches are applied to maintain system security, this service also includes IP config changes should clients require configuration alterations to the internet or to remote site
  • Scheduled Site Visits - scheduled Systems Specialist Time for onsite visits on either a monthly, quarterly or twice-yearly basis. The task list for each individual visit can be tailored to meet with specific requirements, below is a list of items often covered:
  • General system management and housekeeping
  • Deployment of system and software updates
  • Optimisation of system performance
  • System usage analysis with reporting
  • Guidance on software licensing
  • Virus and malware detection and removal
  • Production of system documentation
  • General IT advice and guidance
  • IT staff absence cover
  • Training
  • IT strategy development
  • Total IT outsourcing
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