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Desktop Virtualisation / VDI

vmware-logo-classic-400Think4 partner with a number of key organisations leading the way in the desktop virtualisation space; offering a wide selection of solutions that deliver a broad spectrum of benefits to meet all desktop requirements. Keeping true to our agnostic approach we have teamed up some key vendors offering solutions that include:

  • Extend the life of existing endpoint hardware
  • Provide secure staff and student access
  • lg
  • Reduce hardware refresh cycles
  • Reduce logon times
  • Reduce IT constraints on teachers
  • Enable IT team to be more strategic
  • Store data centrally, removing risk of data loss / theft on endpoint devices
  • Ability to deploy tamper proof, locked down endpoint devices
  • Enabling easy and fast access to resources
  • panologic
  • Meeting No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act requirements
  • Lowering total cost of operation

Desktop Strategy

citrix_1Over recent years we have been enlisted by many clients to help design and implement an appropriate desktop strategy to provide an environment that is easy to deploy and simple to manage whilst providing a robust, scalable and cost effective desktop estate. Enabling clients to benefit from centralised management and move away from the administration headache associated with managing a disperse desktop estate, often consisting of a multitude of operating systems and hardware platforms.

Microsoft-Remote-Desktop-Services-RDS-editWhilst delivering a high performing system that provides an excellent user experience and a swift ROI, lower operating costs, increased security of information, flexibility of deployment, remote access availability, a scalable solution that provides centralised management, whereby any updates, installations, alterations, patches etc are made once at the server level and the changes take effect for all users, saving on the requirement to visit all endpoint devices. Users can access their virtual desktops from a wide variety of endpoint devices, whether thick, thin or mobile, without compromising performance.

Centralising your desktop estate could provide a scalable and secure platform that can be managed centrally, retaining control and visibility, whilst providing secure and efficient access for users to access systems.

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