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Server Virtualisation has fast become one of the swiftest adopted technologies on a global scale and with good reason;

Virtualising server infrastructure enables organisations to consolidate their systems into a virtual environment that delivers improved efficiency, performance and high availability.

Improved business continuity is delivered through the ability to ensure the highest level of availability for applications with built in service levels and the ability to migrate virtual machines live and perform maintenance on physical servers without causing downtime for critical applications or disruption to system users.

vmware-logo-classic-400Virtual environments can lead to a reduction in IT operating costs; many organisations who virtualise not only realise future costs savings on physical hardware but they realise a reduction in power and cooling costs due to the reduction in physical hardware, and improved efficiency within the IT team through the use of better management tools, the ability to reduce the time it takes to provision new servers and decrease downtime, all through centralised systems.


This approach decouples the software environment from the underlying hardware infrastructure, enabling the aggregation of multiple servers into a shared pool of resources. These resources are then delivered securely and reliably to applications as needed.

Think4 partner with the three market leaders in server virtualisation, Citrix, VMWare and Microsoft.

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